February 20, 2008

Total Eclipse of the Heart

lunar eclipseTonight there is an total lunar eclipse at 9:01 Eastern time. I hope, oh I hope, I can see it. Supposedly, the moon is to be a copperish red when earth's shadow blots out the sun's rays. It has been snowing here all day, so I'm afraid clouds in the sky will ruin our eclipse. I guess we'll see later this evening. Here's MSN on the event.

I would also like to go on record saying that I know who is going to win American Idol Season 7.

David Archuleta It is going to be David Archuleta. He's super adorable, personable, and a good singer. I'm telling you--I'm good at picking winners for these types of shows, and this is my guess after only the first real episode while there are still 24 remaining contestants. Place your bets now, folks. Mr. Archuleta has this competition wrapped up like presents at Christmas time.

1 comment:

  1. Emily C10:32 PM

    I saw it! but the full eclipse was around 10....it was cool! and red....creepy.
    i dont' know who's going to win