January 19, 2006

Wynton Marsalis

Wynton MarsalisFor the past 4 years I have gotten my parents Christmas gifts that bombed. This year it has not... yet. On the brink of 'quitting Christmas'; I got them tickets to see Wynton Marsalis at the Luhrs Center. Marsalis is a super famous jazz trumpet player. My dad plays the trumpet and I'm pretty sure he unhealthily excited about the concert. I really really want them to have have a nice time.

Just for fun, let's make a list the top 5 most disastrous Christmas presents I have given my parents over the years. I always try so hard, but that just makes the let down all the worse.

Top 5 Most Disastrous Christmas Presents
From Me to Mom and Dad

1. (For my mom) Victoria's Secret massage oil that I innocently thought was perfume but later found extraordinarily disturbing that I had bought massage oil for my mother.

2.Harrisburg Symphony tickets- Giant snowstorm on day of concert preventing travel beyond the driveway let alone to Harrisburg, wouldn't switch dates on tickets or give a refund.

3. 2 half hour massages but they waited 10 months to take advantage of the certificates, only to find the place had gone out of business.

4. Tickets to Totem Pole Playhouse, but the play (they selected) turned out to be about homosexuality of which they don't approve and made them very uncomfortable.

5. Hopefully NOT Wynton Marsalis tickets!


  1. Those presents turned out pretty disasterous, but i am sure your mother and father understands you and your intentions.
    i don't want to be mean, but they are hilarious.

  2. Hope you have better luck this time. All it takes is one good present and then you'll be on a roll.