March 27, 2006


sagrada familiaBarcelona was fun. It is a HUGE city. I can´t even begin to tell of all the things we did. We visited Gaudi stuff like the Sagrada Famalia, Parque Guell, Casa Batlló and La Pedrera. We went on a boat ride around the port, shopped along Las Ramblas, took one of those cheesy sight seeing buses around the city (that was actually fun), ate in coffee shops, stayed in a hostal, saw two parades with statue that look like the king from the Burger King commercials(a scary sight when they are spinning and about to fall on you), witnessed a Cataluñya independence demonstration, and laughed at a bunch of crazy people dressed up as statues on the street. Barcelona Street StatueMy favorite on was one that would stick out his cane and hit people on the butt as they passed by, but then went back to standing stone-statue-still so they would turn around and be like, "who did that?" I carried my umbrella along with me everywhere since it was calling for rain, but then felt like an idiot because the skies were as blue as could be. I bought one of the cool España jackets with my mad bargaining skills and hung out in the airport for 7 hours without sleep. We just plain had a fun time.


  1. Emily4:59 PM

    I was there!! I remember seeing that was awesome. Did you see a man-statue of a guy on a toliet?

  2. noooo... but there were gargoyles, skeletons on bicycles, princesses, michael jackson, centaurs, flowermen, orange guys, gold guys, cleopatria, vikings, and just about everything but a toilet guy.

    Oh, and emily, guess who´s work was on a special exhibit in the cataluñyan museum of art? You would be jealous I´m sure.

  3. Emily C.4:19 PM

    Oh, please don't tell me that it was Toulouse-Lautrec....could you take pictures of it?

  4. It was! And no you couldn´t take pictures, believe me I tried for you. I did get you a brochure Spanish.

  5. Emily C.12:27 AM

    Ahhh...well, the brochure's still may have to translate'll probably say just that he was a dirty little man.