October 23, 2007

Subservient Chicken

Oh my holy word!

subservient chickenBurger King wins creepiest mascot award again. First it was The King and now it's the chicken. Actually, I'm not so sure it's the chicken, or if it's what the chicken will do.

"Have it your way" Go to www.subservientchicken.com

Burger King ChickenI can't believe I didn't stumble onto this site earlier, when it has been around since 2004. It wins most disturbing on the web. Whatever you type into the box, the chicken will do on camera. I probably spent an hour yesterday torturing the chicken.
A few of my favorite commands:

Play dead
Shake your tail
Sit on the couch
Eat McDonald's (ha ha ha)
Lay an egg
Do a cartwheel
Take off the chicken suit (he didn't like that one)
Kiss me (don't worry he'll only make out with the pillow) but...
Kiss (he'll give you a peck)
Turn off lights
Hide and Seek

I just wonder how much they paid the guy in the suit?
I hope it was enough to salvage some dignity. Right.


  1. hahahahahahaha! Funny, yet creepy.

  2. EmilyC6:56 PM

    i actually saw this on jenny's blog...yeah, creepy