June 14, 2008

Flag Day

The holiday everyone forgets.

Well, I didn't forget, because now I get to post another cool flag photo of mine. Whooo. Happy Flag day.

Oh, and just for fun I will share another photo of a Ben Franklin impersonator from Philadelphia. Mr. Franklin was sitting on a bench talking to a little boy and I just thought it was so adorable. But then, soon after, the situation started to disturb me.

It turns out, this pretend Benjamin was sitting next to the real Ben's grave. Hello? Creepy. Especially for the kid.

Mr. Franklin, didn't you die in 1790? and aren't you buried in that grave right there? How is it then you are sitting next to me right now? No, that kid won't grow up with issues.


  1. Is that Ben Franklin when we went to Philly that summer?

  2. Yeah. it is. You remember him?

    Right after you tried to sneak into the museum by climbing over the chain/fence, and the guard had to yell at you. Way to go.

  3. heh heh...yeah, that was very embarrassing...hey, if it's that important not to cross over, then they should have something other than a chain going around it!